Golf Swing – Lower Body Power – Hip Bump Drill

Golf drill to increase distance in your golf swing by improving explosive power and stability in the lower body.Follow us on www.facebook.com or www.twitter.com
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  1. meandmygolf says:

    Jim McClean does this drill with Keegan Bradley who is one of the best players in the world, 19th in the world.When the best ball stikers start the downswing their hips rotate and move towards the target. We will use drills that focus on rotation and drills like this for the lateral movement. Everybody is different and this is an ideal drill that I use everyday with my students who require lateral movement. Please check out our other videos? and thanks for your comments and I hope this helps

  2. mikeygormley says:

    Are you trying to tell me there? are experienced golfers out there who need this video?

  3. mikeygormley says:

    The problem in my? opinion is that the lateral movement in this drill is exaggerated. It appears as if the instruction is to power the shot with lateral movement only instead of using it to begin the rotation. The theory of the lesson is sound I just think it’s practically poor. In my own opinion the lateral movement is a result of good rotation technique not the trigger.

  4. mocheloch says:

    Watch Rory Mcilroy in slow mo and you’ll see he has a lateral motion of maybe 2-3 inches or so to start and then actually continues a lateral shift as he begin to rotate. It’s not easy to learn if you’re not used to doing it but it’s? right. Like any swing thought you don’t want to over bake it and slide several inches. It’s just a slight, but very important, lateral bump to start the swing, then rotate. If you just rotate without the lateral movement you’ll go dead left every time.

  5. Cahnt says:

    Check out a Paul Wilson video called How To Cure A Slide, including the drill he does at the end.
    He AVOIDS the stick, as opposed to bumping it. You can’t? BOTH be right!! :-)

  6. thesofakingsatlanta says:

    BobLeeSwagger is a very? popular guy here!!!

  7. itsjustagame320 says:

    Not every golf video is for beginners.? Sometimes a bit of knowledge is assumed. Bump then rotate

  8. richardcole96 says:

    you really need to shut up and put your clubs in a garage sale,, ur? another one of those with a shitty swing i have to look at on a golf course…

  9. cockywatchman1976 says:

    Almost all PGA? pros have a small lateral move before full rotation. Nothing wrong with this teaching vid

  10. jademonki says:

    actually, you are wrong .. you slide first then rotate. this video is correct. watch any pro video here in slow motion … if you turn first you automatically cast your? hands outside. the slide happens first and as the arms come down you start the twist … some guys slide and twist together but if you say there is no slide then your wrong.

  11. leighton65 says:

    you should learn about the game before? calling someone a bad teacher. everybody who plays somewhat decent golf knows or implements the hip bumb for all the reasons the guy says i.e. it helps shift weight, clears space, enables a slight pause which in turn creates lag.

  12. TigerWoodsWorld says:

    @BobLeeSwagger94 he still wants you to rotate threw? just not with ur upper body thats the point of this great video is to see power comes from the hips and @meandmygolf please correct me if im wrong!

  13. meandmygolf says:

    Thankyou for your comment. A slide in the golfswing is a completley different move to what is demonstrated in the video. Yes the lower body should rotate in the downswing but should also start with a lateral move of the hips. This drill is purely for the lateral component as we see many people struggle to shift weight efficiently in the downswing. This also allows your upper body to delay its rotation for a? split second which also helps you generate more power. Thanks again.

  14. BobLeeSwagger94 says:

    so myou? want people to sldie into the ball instead of rotating ?? WRONG> ur a bad teacher

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